Why join ABC BootCamps?

Summers are meant for having amazing experiences, meeting new people, and exploring fascinating places. We at ABC BootCamps believe that education can be the catalyst for all that and more. Stay up to date with the latest global trends in entrepreneurship and innovation and build a network of like-minded young professionals.

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10 Reasons for ABC BootCamps’s Success

The latest business trends require a modern approach to business education. ABC BootCamps includes corporate visits, case studies, real-life challenges, and networking events. Students will be able to learn from innovative leaders and participate in interactive business competitions.

Professors at ABC BootCamps are experienced entrepreneurs who are familiar with the modern business world and are ready to share their secrets to success with ABC participants.

There is no better complement to meeting new people than having amazing experiences. ABC summer programs offer something for everyone, including exciting networking events, insightful visits to some of the world’s most successful companies and day trips to popular, inspiring locations.

Both locations in Silicon Valley in California (USA) and Toronto (Canada) offer a contemporary approach to business education. ABC Silicon Valley is focused on finding your career breakthrough in the highly innovative environment of Silicon Valley. ABC Toronto gives special emphasis on global, international business culture, offering a rich variety of business cases to study.

ABC Silicon Valley and ABC Toronto are focused on teaching practical skills and knowledge. ABC BootCamps’ short and engaging programs focus on networking, developing business ideas, learning how to cope with the modern business world.

Discover how companies such as Google, Apple, Twitter and LinkedIn function, learn best practices first-hand and apply them to your own brilliant ideas!

ABC BootCamps gathers young aspiring entrepreneurs and students from around the world. Interacting with students who come from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds, offers you a chance to broaden your horizons and start thinking globally.

Participants will earn 4 ECTS points upon successful completion of ABC Silicon Valley or ABC Toronto and become proud owners of their new mini-qualifications. Validate the ABC BootCamps courses and add them to your Bachelor’s or Master’s level programs at your home institution.

A certificate of completion will complement your resume and show your future employer that you are proactive about your education and professional development. The certificate gives you credibility and grants you a competitive advantage over other candidates!

Traveling abroad allows you to experience new cultures, traditions, ideas, and values. This experience broadens your worldview, boosts your personal development, and makes you part of a global community. You will improve soft skills such as foreign language skills, sociability, flexibility, leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. International experiences help you stand out from the competition, find your passion and integrate what you’ve learned into your lifestyle and career path.

Who can attend ABC BootCamps?

We welcome all students with a thirst for practical knowledge and young aspiring entrepreneurs who want to conquer the business world one day.

We accept participants from all over the world, regardless of their educational or professional background.

Note that the number of participants is limited, so apply as soon as possible to reserve a spot in your chosen summer program!

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