Last summer we had a blast at the ABC BootCamps summer program in Toronto! 🚀✨

We gathered international students and aspiring entrepreneurs from different sides of the world. Together we spent two full weeks in the beautiful city of Toronto and learned how to turn the ideas into pitch-worthy start-ups.


Vibrant learning environment 

Guided by an experienced professor Peter Forint, ABC participants had an opportunity to grow in a vibrant and diverse learning environment, where they learned how to start their ideas using Flourishing Business Canvas and mastered the art of pitching.

Participants brainstorming their business ideas

Company Visits and Guest Speakers

We also went beyond the classroom – during company visits to Spotify, Toyota, and DMZ, participants got hands-on experience, an insight into innovative business practices, and how to handle business challenges. Many guest speakers inspired us, enriched the whole experience, shared their entrepreneurial journeys, and motivated participants not to give up on their dreams.

Networking with aspiring entrepreneurs

Networking with like-minded individuals was the center of the program – participants were divided into smaller groups where they immersed themselves in intercultural communication and came up with awesome ideas for business plans. Participants worked together to pitch their ideas to external judges and overcame all the challenges together.

Exploring multicultural Toronto

Toronto, the city of entrepreneurship, proved to be the perfect destination for all summer school enthusiasts. The city offers the perfect combination of learning and extracurricular activities. Free time was spent visiting different events and festivals, trying out various cuisines, and exploring the vibrant streets of downtown and financial districts. The favorite attraction was, of course, the CN Tower, together with the Toronto Islands where participants enjoyed the breathtaking skyline of Toronto while having a picnic and playing sports.

Participants at Toronto Islands

Trip to Niagara Falls

Besides getting to know each corner of Toronto, our participants experience the magic of Niagara Falls during the day trip. The boat ride and ziplining over the river enriched the trip.


Experiencing a close-up of the magic of Niagara Falls


At ABC BootCamps, we believe fun is an essential part of learning. That’s why we had a blast with team-building activities and can’t wait to repeat them next summer! ✈️☀️


“It’s not just about theory; it’s about experiencing business firsthand.”


Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit while having the time of your life at ABC BootCamps 2024!


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