Traditional Education is not enough.

Take a moment to think of the education system and the teaching methods throughout the centuries. Undoubtedly you would be surprised by how little has changed, even though we live in the era of instant information. If somebody from the 19th century were to attend a class to a college nowadays, they would not feel like an outcast per se. Why? Well, for one thing, boards, books, and big auditoriums are still in use.

Schools should lay the foundations to teach students how to fail and overcome adversities. Instead, they cultivate another ideology. “How to do well in the exams”. Memorization of an incomprehensible volume of knowledge a day before the exam leads to limited information retention.

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Mark Twain

A shift in the education sector.

The value of traditional educational systems is seriously being questioned. Consequently, alternative ways of learning are new in. Inevitably you must have started noticing a shift happening in the knowledge industry. For instance, professionals are catching up on new trends. They offer practical courses and online workshops on any topic you can think of. In fact, it is believed that these online classes will replace the actual classrooms and lecture halls in the future.

Practical group work at Silicon Valley Academy.

“The illiterate of the future will not be the person who cannot read. It will be the person who doesn’t know how to learn.”

Alvin Toffler

Equally to the business sector, recent graduates and young professionals now realize the importance of self-education. So, as millennials, they do research. Online classes, summer courses, and seminars are being offered even for free. Getting a university degree is not enough anymore. The business world is among the most competitive and booming industries. In short, simply comparing the job description in each decade is all the proof you need. For this reason, both employers and candidates are adapting to the new reality.

The ABC mentality.

In the first place, ABC BootCamps was established to change traditional teaching methods. Our mission was built on sparking the flame and enthusiasm of young people that are in their early career stages. Ditching the heavy books and the perceived notion of the professor-student dynamic. For instance, three of the ABC standards are:

  • The high- quality level of interactive education
  • Inspiring people to take initiative
  • Boosting social and practical skills

Check what our summer business courses at ABC BootCamps are all about.

Additionally, the ABC BootCamps delivers the value of a 3-month course in only 2 weeks. Yet we achieve the effectiveness of the programs thanks to our network. More precisely, the cooperation with esteem academic directors and highly qualified entrepreneurs and mentors are highly important for the quality of our courses.

In just 5 years, enviable partnerships with international universities and start-ups have already been established. In the same fashion, ABC BootCamps sets the foundation for the next generations of business professionals. Gaining valuable skills will shape the competitive edge, which is necessary to separate the good from the great.


New Webinar with our very own Academic Director Prof.Dr. Carsten Bartch.

Moreover, webinars are a new and exciting addition to the ABC courses. Including different business topics, our academic directors share their knowledge of the business world. Meanwhile, the next business webinar is coming up really soon so don’t miss out!

Mentoring session with Hamza Khan.

Therefore, why don’t you take the chance? A step out of your comfort zone. Feel like gaining a new perspective on education and career?

Time is now.

Check out more about ABC BootCamps programs here.

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