Summer schools offer an opportunity for students to learn new skills outside the regular academic year. They are an excellent chance to learn about things you might not have the opportunity to learn at university. By attending a summer school, you not only get a break from the traditional way of teaching but also have the opportunity to grow personally and academically.


But what are the exact benefits of attending summer school? Find out below!


Expand your knowledge 

Summer schools offer specialized courses and workshops. Each program is designed in such a way that students discover and learn about topics they may not have encountered before. It is also possible to attend a summer school that matches your academic interests. That way, you can dive deeper into certain topics and explore topics you’re passionate about, but at a more advanced level.


Enhance your academic profile

Participating in summer school can improve your academic profile. During summer school, you have the opportunity to learn new things and develop new skills, and later you can highlight them in your resume or when applying for a job. Given such an experience, you automatically become a more prominent candidate when applying for a higher step in your education or for a future job! Isn’t that great?


The picture shows the participants of ABC Toronto where you can see how they are working on the task and thus developing new skills.


Routine is important 

What if we told you that following a routine is important even during the summer? It provides us with organization and helps us develop self-control. The summer program offers just that! The thought that you have something to do at a certain time each week or that you dedicate two weeks of summer exclusively to something keeps you connected to learning, but also to other people.


Get personal attention 

At numerous faculties, we continue to witness the traditional way of teaching. More precisely, the one where the professor teaches, while the students take notes. In such an environment, you cannot get the individual attention you need. The summer program is an opportunity to get personal attention because usually such programs are often much smaller. There are fewer participants, and therefore the lecturer has the opportunity to devote himself to each student individually. It also gives you time to ask questions and clarify doubts.


Broaden your horizons

Participating in summer school helps you face new challenges – outside your comfort zone. This will help you develop new skills and personal characteristics such as resilience and adaptability. In addition, you can explore different topics and thus discover your passions and interests. Who knows, maybe the summer school will inspire you for further learning and development in a new area!


Make international friends 

By attending the summer school, you interact with other participants. In addition, through group projects you need to cooperate with others, so it can be useful for you to learn and solve problems together. Also, the summer school offers you the opportunity to make new friends and connect with people who share similar interests. It is definitely useful for personal and professional development in the future!


The picture shows the participants of the summer school laughing and making new friends.


Build confidence

Self-confidence is not easy to acquire, but it can be developed. By participating in the summer program, you work on developing your skills. This is exactly what helps you to feel more confident in your abilities and to be ready to try new things. Through the experience and progress you achieved in the summer program, you gain self-confidence that will definitely benefit you in other areas of life.


Maintain enthusiasm

Motivation is also important during the summer months! When you don’t have a regular “school” routine, it starts to decline. However, setting goals for your summer activities will definitely help you stay motivated! Through work and effort in achieving the stated goals, you realize that it leads to the achievement of results, and this will further motivate you to continue learning and progressing. Motivation requires action to maintain it – just like with muscles!


Engaging with peers from different cultures

Summer schools bring together individuals from all over the world. More precisely, from different cultural, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. Besides having the opportunity to become aware of certain differences, you have the opportunity to establish connections and friendships with people who have different backgrounds and experiences! Building relationships with other attendees can open the door to exciting opportunities in the future. You never know who you’ll meet – a potential co-worker, business partner, or friend for life!


The picture shows summer school participants from different cultures, which helps us broaden our horizons.


Meet the industry professionals 

During the summer school, you have the opportunity to meet industry professionals or visit some of the giants in your field of interest. The above can give you an insight into how things work in the “real” world. In addition, professionals and experts can reveal some things to you that you cannot find in books. This will certainly help you expand your horizons and prepare you for work in the future business environment.



Through the ten key reasons we have explored, it becomes clear that summer schools offer much more than just academic improvement. From making new friendships and international connections to developing personal skills and confidence, summer school provides a rich experience that enriches academic life on many levels.


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