You’ve already heard that our summer programs in Canada and USA have interactive lessons, guest speakers from the real business world or that you can visit companies such as Apple and Google? Still, you are yet to decide if you want to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure?

To make your doubts go away, we are bringing you two success stories to double your inspiration from two summer program stars! In the following lines, read all about their experiences, their opinion about ABC BootCamps, the guest speakers and so much more. You might also stumble upon some great advices they have for you!

Success story 1 – interview with Jan 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you join ABC BootCamps?

My name is Jan and I am from Barcelona, Spain. I study mathematic engineering and data science. I joined ABC BootCamps because I wanted to learn more about business.

What did you learn here?

I learned a lot of new things, but, for sure, the one that I’ll remember the most is when I interact with lots of people from different countries, I have a more global vision of the world in terms of different aspects. While attending the lectures, I learned how to plan a business – from the first idea to getting investors and customers interested in your product. So, now I know how to plan my first moves.


Participant at ABC Toronto holding a presentation.


What skills did you gain?

I think I improved my social skills and my English is also better because of constant interaction with other participants or the professors. Also, I understand the way business’ work, I have a vision of them.

What is your favourite thing about Toronto? What did you do in your free time?

My favorite thing about Toronto is the view from the CN Tower. Furthermore, we had a great time here together. We always planned activities to do in the city, went to see attractive monuments, parks…


Participants at ABC Toronto hanging together outside, while getting to know each other.


What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

I think it’s a very good opportunity to know people from other places, and programs like this give you a variety of skills. And, since you are coming here alone – that makes you grow as a person. My advice would be to just go and have fun. Don’t plan too much, just apply and have fun!


Success story 2 – interview with Minnie 

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Why did you join ABC BootCamps?

I am Minnie and I am from Hong Kong. I study Design+ at the University of Hong Kong. Despite being a design student, I am always interested in a business side, so I actually took a second major in economics. The reason why I joined ABC BootCamps is to gain more experience for my business side in order to incorporate it back to my studies.

What did you learn here?

I learned how to pitch, develop a business idea and build our business from scratch. During the lectures here, I found out about this great tool – Flourishing Business Canvas and I find it really helpful for me to develop my business from step to step. Usually, when you are thinking about something, you might miss out some important details, but with a template like this you can cover every detail you have to think about.


Participants learn and exchange ideas together about business models.


What do you think about the guest speakers?

The guest speakers here are fantastic! Most of them have a great experience in the real business world, so, as for a student who has yet to step out of the ivory tower, it is really important for me to gain something from the real world.

How did you like a schedule here?

I consider myself a typical Asian student. Back in Hong Kong, we have a really tight schedule. I participated in a similar program in Hong Kong, so I expected ABC BootCamps to also have a tight schedule. My initial assumption was an expectation of continuous work throughout the two-week duration. However, to my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there is an opportunity to bond with newfound friends. The balance between work and social interactions at ABC BootCamps is something I truly appreciate.


ABC Toronto participants are enjoying themselves outside while solving and playing games together.


What would you say to someone thinking of applying?

You do not need to have a strong, determined relation to start your own business to be here. As long as you are ready and willing to explore new things and see how businesses work, don’t miss out on such an opportunity!


Feeling inspired after reading Jan’s and Minnie’s experiences, but you are still not sure if we are a right fit? Browse our previous blog to discover what sets us apart from other summer programs. We are certain that all of your doubts will be dispelled!