San Jose, California, often called the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” is a thriving hub of technological innovation. As the largest city in Northern California, San Jose blends cultural diversity and cutting-edge technology. The city’s strategic location places it near Cupertino, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, integral to the tech ecosystem. With our visit to San Jose just a week away, we are eager to prepare for the summer school experience. In this article, we will discuss essential tips and insights on getting ready for this exciting journey.


   1. Setting the right goals for summer school

It is important to define what you want to achieve during the summer school. Well-set goals make it easier to monitor progress and motivate learning. Clear goals, increase your productivity, and ensure better results. Think about short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals provide a sense of accomplishment over the course of the program. Long-term goals help keep you motivated and keep you focused. It is important to write down the goals and review them regularly. This helps you track progress and adjust plans. In this way, you will make the most of the summer school experience.


   2. Prepare for interactive learning 

Summer programs usually have a high level of interaction between students and professors. The class size is significantly smaller, which allows for dedication to each student. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts. Practical activities test your social skills and work in a group. The ABC Silicon Valley program will also include guest speakers who will interactively present the importance of creating innovative and cutting-edge concepts, strategies for the transition to a regenerative economy, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we will visit key places in Silicon Valley like Google Visitor Experience, Apple Park Visitor Center, Stanford University, etc.



The picture shows Stanford University.

Stanford University


   3. Research the city

Researching before traveling can provide a refreshing cultural experience. If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, research the city before you leave. From travel websites and YouTube videos to Instagram posts and TikToks – everything is in the palm of your hand to make your experience the best it can be! In this way, you can make a list of the main attractions that you want to see in your free time. In addition, familiarizing yourself with the city before arrival can reduce nervousness and make adaptation easier.


   4. Be ready to make friends

One of our favorite things about summer school is meeting people from all over the world! It is these people who, at the end of the program, become friends! Having a few topics to talk about can help you meet others and make friends! The opportunity to exchange ideas will be numerous because you spend time together in the classroom, work on group projects, visit companies, etc. Besides, you are all interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, so you already have one point in common! Remember, everyone is here to learn and network!


   5. Check your documents

Make sure you have a valid document, such as a passport, before arriving in San Jose. It is also important that you have with you the Letter of Acceptance from ABC BootCamps and all other necessary documents. Make sure all documents are complete and valid for the duration of your stay. If you are traveling with an ESTA permit for the USA, make sure it is valid for the planned period of stay.


The picture shows hands holding documents, which indicates the importance of taking care of them upon arrival at the summer school.


   6. Don’t forget about insurance

Before traveling, it is important to obtain travel health insurance that will cover any medical expenses during your stay. Take with you all the necessary medicines and prescriptions that you use regularly. Make sure you have enough medication for the entire trip and bring extra if needed. Find out about the medical services available at your destination and check if additional insurance is required for specific medical services or situations. Make sure your health insurance covers both medical emergencies and eventual return home in case of more serious health problems.


   7. Make sure you have internet access

Preparing to attend summer school in San Jose includes securing Internet access in the following ways: for eSIM cards, visit local carrier stores such as AT&T or T-Mobile or their eSIM service websites. Choose a plan according to your needs for data and voice calls and activate the eSIM card. Alternatively, explore platforms like Airalo for US eSIM options. For prepaid SIM cards, visit stores like AT&T or T-Mobile and select a package with data traffic and voice minutes. Make sure your mobile plan has international roaming enabled before you travel.


   8. Pack the essentials

Preparing to come to summer school requires careful packing so that you are comfortable and ready for all the activities. Provide layered clothing for warm weather, including a light jacket and rain protection. Bring business-casual combinations for company visits and workshops, as well as comfortable walking shoes and a bathing suit. Get a laptop or tablet for taking notes and staying connected, and a portable charger to keep your devices charged. Don’t forget important documents like your passport, visa or ESTA, travel insurance, acceptance letter, money, and medicine you may need. This preparation will ensure you have a pleasant and productive stay during summer school.


The picture shows a suitcase with things in it, which means packing for summer school.



Preparing for summer school in San Jose is key to a successful and enjoyable experience. Tips like ensuring proper clothing for different weather conditions, bringing important electronics and documentation, and researching internet access options will help you adjust to your new environment more easily. Additionally, an open mind to new knowledge and meeting like-minded people will be key to making the most of every opportunity during your stay at this technology hub!