Entering international education can be challenging, but for Patricija it was a step towards progress. Through participation in the Algebra Buddy program, she became a supporter of incoming international students at Algebra University.


But, what happens when Algebra and ABC BootCamps join forces? An opportunity for Patricija to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley! Let’s get to know her path through growth, learning, and international cooperation!

Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Patricija Malešević, and I am a third-year Digital Marketing student at the University of Algebra. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a huge fan of animals, especially dogs, and I love sleeping and meeting new people. You might know me from my own TikTok or the TikTok of Algebra University, but there’s more to me. I’m from Šibenik, and I love to talk a lot. I enjoy making vlogs and being in front of the camera. I dance hip-hop and love sending voice messages, sometimes even annoying my friends.


Could you share your experience with the Algebra Buddy Program? How has it impacted your personal and professional growth?

As soon as I enrolled in my first year of college, I signed up for the Algebra Buddy Program. In just seven days, I got to know American culture, met amazing people, visited Istria, and saw four cities. We also visited four companies, and I quickly fell in love with the program.


I have been in the program for three years now and adore how many people I’ve met. I’ve learned so much about new cultures and get excited every time I meet someone new, like a little kid with a lollipop. The program has boosted my self-confidence, improved my English, and helped me create new and lasting friendships. It has also opened new opportunities and possibilities, just like this one.


The picture shows Patricija - the winner of the Buddy Program at Algebra University.

Patricija Malešević


Congratulations on earning the title of Algebra Buddy Demonstrator! Can you tell us more about this achievement and the ABC Silicon Valley summer school you’ll be attending?

As someone who spends most of her free time on Buddy Program activities and participates in many projects, I’ve earned a new title. Now, as an Algebra Buddy Demonstrator, I’ve received an award to attend the ABC Silicon Valley summer school.


There, I will learn about innovation, technologies, and how to develop my business plan. I will visit various companies such as Apple, Google, and Intel. We will also take a trip to San Francisco to visit Stanford University.


What would you recommend to fellow colleagues looking for summer opportunities?

If you want to visit a new continent, meet lots of people, and learn from geniuses and entrepreneurs, apply now! If you have your own idea, make it happen! Hurry, as there is little time left to apply; applications are open until the end of May!


Patricija’s story highlights the importance of international exchange in education. Through her experience in the Algebra Buddy program and the award for participation in the ABC Silicon Valley summer school, we see how collaboration crosses borders and opens doors to new possibilities. Now, as she prepares for her trip to Silicon Valley, Patricija is an inspiration to all of us who strive to expand our horizons and create new connections. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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