California welcomed us with warm sun and exciting possibilities. We immediately felt the energy of the place where the greatest innovations are born. The first week of the ABC Silicon Valley 2024 program was full of activities that inspired us and encouraged us to think outside the box. Let’s take a brief look at what happened!


Innovations, Silicon Valley, pitching & meta-trends

The first day of our program started with a lecture by our main lecturer Laszlo Gyorffy. Participants learned how to identify customer needs and turn them into successful products. Through real-life examples, they have seen how important it is to listen to your customers and understand what they need. In addition, we had the opportunity to explore how traditional business models can be transformed through innovative thinking. Creativity and innovation really can lead to success even in the most traditional industries!

The second day of the program was dedicated to insights from Silicon Valley and the exponential economy, where we learned how technology and innovation shape the future. Here, participants had the opportunity to learn about concepts that help companies stay competitive in a rapidly changing world. Wednesday was dedicated to meta-trends affecting humanity and how to prepare for the future. Special emphasis is placed on the role of artificial intelligence in creating business value. A little later, the participants had the opportunity to learn about the CO-STAR method, which helps in structuring ideas and turns them into concrete business proposals.


The picture shows one of the participants of our program in California presenting to the rest of the group.


Guest speakers

Robert MacPhee is a coach and consultant specializing in leadership development and change management. He works with organizations and individuals to improve their leadership and adaptation skills. During Robert’s session “Creating Purpose Driven Innovation”, participants had the opportunity to learn more about the importance of purpose-driven innovation. By focusing on purpose, businesses can achieve long-term success and meet market needs. Through practical examples, we could see how purpose guides innovation processes and what tools we need to create innovation.

Lisa Friedman and Herman Gyr are experts in business strategy and innovation. Lisa specializes in strategy, innovation best practices, and leadership development. Herman focuses on turning crises into opportunities and helping businesses reinvent themselves. Together, they run the Enterprise Development Group. During their session, participants had the opportunity to learn key strategies for transitioning to a regenerative economy. In addition, the focus of the session was on long-term, sustainable solutions that deliver value.

Steve Decker is the founder and CEO of Zooka Creative. Prior to Zooka, Steve worked for Deloitte and tech start-ups. During the session “Creating Business Value with AI”, Steve revealed to us how AI is transforming business operations. In addition to understanding the potential of AI in creating business value, participants were able to learn more about specific tools and methods for implementing AI solutions.


The picture shows Robert MacPhee - one of the guest lecturers at ABC Silicon Valley 2024.

Robert MacPhee


4th of July & trip to San Francisco

The 4th of July celebration was unforgettable for all of the participants. Some decided to spend the day on the beach, enjoying the sun and good atmosphere. Others decided to visit Lake Cunningham and relax in nature. We are sure that this celebration will remain in their memory!

The next day we went on a trip to San Francisco. We rode the cable car and visited lively Chinatown, and the Transamerica Pyramid impressed us with its height. In addition, we also spent time in SalesForce Park, which delighted us with its greenery and view. We also spent time at Pier 39, and Downtown was bustling with life and activity. San Francisco charmed us with its sights and energy!


The picture shows the participants of the program enjoying themselves on the beach during the 4th of July celebration.

Some of the participants at a beach during the 4th of July celebration


Company visits & Stanford University

As part of the program, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Apple Park Visitor Center. From the roof terrace, we could enjoy the panoramic views and explore the replicated elements that show the precision of Apple’s design. Center gave us a sense of connection with one of the largest technology companies in the world. Everything was perfectly arranged, from the architecture to the interactive exhibits. We had the opportunity to see how much attention Apple pays to details. By visiting the park, you can feel the spirit of innovation and creativity that defines this company!

On Saturday, our participants had the opportunity to visit Stanford University. Stanford University has been a beacon of innovation and leadership for nearly 150 years. The university is known for its commitment to social causes and a vibrant intellectual environment. Stanford shapes leaders and fosters a culture of collaboration and creativity among its diverse community. In addition to the campus tour, the participants had the opportunity to try their hand at a photo hunt with various challenges. By doing so, they had the opportunity to learn something more about the rich history of the university, key people, and also some (unusual) traditions!


Group photo of all participants in front of the Apple Park Visitor Center - one of the companies we visited in Silicon Valley.

Participants at Apple Park Visitor Center



The first week in California was filled with inspiration, learning, and unforgettable experiences. In addition to visiting top companies and universities, the participants had the opportunity to enjoy local culture and make new acquaintances. Looking forward to seeing what we’re up to next week? Follow us on social media and be the first one to know!