Students nowadays have a really crowded schedule. They are going to classes, working, maybe even doing some of the extracurricular activities. Maybe those extracurricular activities or even a job is making you happier, but after years and years of schooling, you are finding it hard to concentrate and you feel like you’ve fallen into a trap you can’t get out of.


The importance of fun and learning

According to the magazine the New Scientist, there is a beneficial link between fun in the classroom and the development of authentic learning and long-term memory. Namely, educational psychologists are in agreement that students learn and retain more information when the learning is associated with strong positive emotion.


Interactive activities at ABC Toronto 2023

Summer programs in USA and Canada

That’s why at ABC BootCamps we focused on revolutionizing education by bringing fun into the learning experience. By listening to top professors, who incorporate educational games, interactive activities, and hands-on projects, your learning is more enjoyable, and it also enhances your understanding and retention. Besides that, with short summer programs you get the chance to learn new skills, build confidence and you stay motivated.


Some of the things that make ABC BootCamps awesome for aspiring entrepreneurs is just the way the format is run. You can go to a class for a whole semester, one day per week, and it’s not the same as being in the intensive, hands-on program, where you are getting traditional lectures, but you are also getting rather innovative, unconventional exercises where you are doing the work right away. And because you are working on it every day, you don’t have the time to forget what you learned about last week. – Peter Forint, Lead Instructor at ABC BootCamps 2023


Group projects at ABC Toronto 2023


We know it’s just November, but it’s never too early to start planning your summer days. We will be in Toronto and Silicon Valley, and you?