The New Era in Business Culture.

The Information Era. In other words, capitalizing on computer and software manufacturing since the late 1980s to building non-physical stores and providing digital services in the 2010s. In a span of 30 years, the world has been under a transformation that a lot of people were not necessarily prepared to adapt to.

You may also have heard of it as the Third Globalization Wave or the Third Industrial Revolution. All terms refer to the era where we started capturing the importance of knowledge and the power of information. Alongside came to the rise of social media and the business world was changed completely almost overnight. It’s safe to say that we can summarize this phenomenon in marketing as such: a stimulation of desire and immediate satisfaction with the least amount of resource, effort and time.

Participants working on digital strategy.

Admittedly, according to statistics, 70% of the world population is on the internet and 50% are active on digital channels on a daily basis. Nowadays the internet is a second home for students, job seekers, employers, freelancers, and businesses. This digital-oriented era made it way easier and effortless to find the right professional path and the right guidelines, as well as the right person for the right job.

Catching up with the technology.

Correspondingly, businesses had to adapt to the new reality and shift their perspective to fit the customers’ needs. The technology advances rapidly and the corporate managers play catch up. Their success depends on how quickly they can implement the latest technologies to their benefit and simultaneously, provide top-notch services and products to the customers, meeting their demands.

Consequently, modern skills in high demand revolve around online business management. According to research, since 2017 skills like digital advertising, content strategy, copywriting, and social media campaigns are being pushed to the forefront of the demands of the employers. Additionally, other skills that are equally in demand include marketing analytics like SEO and SEM. Therefore, no matter what your professional specialty, either technical or creative oriented, there is a place for you in the digital economy.

Our academic director Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch in action.

Why consider a career in digital marketing?

  1. Become the “IT” professional. And not the creepy clown (one is enough). Become the “go-to” business person with the digital skills are every company seeks in every employee, existing or potential. In a market where the demand exceeds supply in such a degree, it is a smart move for you to capitalize on digital knowledge now.
  2. Look out for the vast variety of options. As digitalization and emerging technologies expand across more industries, digital professionals hold the advantage of choosing the right sector for them. Especially the ones who hold the relevant experience and research the most promising business sectors.
  3. Get leverage on your paychecks. Following the previous point, the market presents incredible potential and a large skills shortage from traditional business professionals. So this is your chance to get the upper hand and negotiate your position and salary. The predictions for the salaries of CMO’s are looking very promising, as long as the upgrade of practicing skills is a given.
  4. Start early and gain versatility. The digital world enables you to kickstart your career and showcase your abilities before an internship. An online presence on social media can get the attention of employers and lead to major job offers. Moreover, digital marketing skills apply to other sectors so it can be easy to become versatile and make small switches among industries.
Everything is about digital.



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