We’re entering the final week of applications to participate in the ABC Silicon Valley program, which will introduce you to the unique mindset needed to identify and shape the needs of modern consumers. This program provides a rare opportunity to visit top technology companies, gain insight into their best practices, and learn how to recognize and capitalize on today’s latest trends and technologies.


In the following lines, learn more about prominent lecturers who will share their experiences and knowledge, as well as about renowned companies that you will be able to visit during the program. Get ready for an unforgettable journey through the heart of the technological revolution and have the best summer yet!


Guest speakers

   1. Robert MacPhee

Robert MacPhee is a coach and consultant who works with organizations and individuals primarily in the areas of leadership development and change management. He has worked with for-profit and non-profit organizations in the biotech, tech, hospitality, real estate, and education sectors for over 20 years. Robert is the creator of the Excellent Decisions approach to leadership, showing people how to create lasting success by making decisions and taking actions based on vision and values rather than external stress and pressure.


During Robert’s “Creating Purpose-Driven Innovation” session, you will learn the importance and value of creating your business concepts in a way that is both innovative and purpose-driven. Having a clear purpose attracts investment and partners, inspires your team, and ensures that your success is both financial and meaningful. This highly interactive session shows you how to effectively build your vision and values into your plan, focusing on making money and making a difference.


The picture shows Robert MacPhee - one of the lecturers at this year's ABC Silicon Valley program.

Robert MacPhee

   2. Herman Gyr and Lisa Friedman

Lisa Friedman specializes in business strategy, innovation best practices, and leadership development, consulting for companies facing profound change. Her clients include Apple, Intel, Panera Bread, Stanford University, and the US Air Force. Herman Gyr transforms crises into opportunities, helping businesses reinvent themselves amid economic, customer, and climate challenges. His clients include Apple, Delta Airlines, and Toyota.


During their session, you will learn key strategies for transitioning to the Regenerative Economy, prioritizing sustainability and innovation. Herman and Lisa, co-founders of the Enterprise Development Group, will provide tools for navigating this transformation. You will gain valuable insights, learn practical strategies, and be inspired by examples of successful breakthroughs and reinvention.


   3. Steve Decker 

Steve is the founder and CEO of Zooka Creative. For more than 25 years, Steve has focused on helping companies use the web and interactive technologies for competitive advantage. Prior to Zooka, Steve worked for Deloitte for 5 years, and also for a tech start-up. Steve earned his MBA from USC, where he received the Albert T. Quon Leadership Award.


During his session “Generating Business Value with AI”, you will discover how pioneering organizations are leveraging AI to reinvent their business operations and unlock new revenue streams. From email-managing digital assistants to versatile chatbots, Generative AI and LLMs are transforming business operations. These technologies communicate with enterprise data across industries, languages, and specialties, driving convenience, productivity, and value creation.


Company visits

   1. Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play Tech Center aims to build a smart future by creating a unique ecosystem for change-makers and leading organizations. Their network includes over 75,000 startups, 500+ corporations, and many VCs, universities, and government agencies. Plug and Play Tech Center collaborates across diverse sectors, driving innovation for the Fifth Industrial Revolution. From advanced manufacturing to aerospace, their global experts and technologies lead the way. Additionally, they pioneer enterprise disruption, focusing on areas like big data, HR, and cybersecurity.

The picture shows the Plug and Play Tech Center - one of the places that program participants will have the opportunity to visit.

Plug and Play Tech Center


   2. Google Visitor Experience

During ABC Silicon Valley, you will have the opportunity to visit the Google Visitor Experience, a vibrant destination at their Gradient Canopy office in Mountain View. The center offers a range of amenities, including a cafe, community event space, Google Store, Pop-Up Shop, and art plaza. The Center’s focus is on fostering connections and supporting local businesses, artists, and nonprofits. Ready to explore the diverse offerings and immerse yourself in the inclusive atmosphere?


   3. Apple Park Visitor Center

During ABC Silicon Valley, you will have the exclusive opportunity to visit the new Visitor Center at Apple Park. The center boasts an expansive roof terrace with breathtaking views of the main building, offering a unique glimpse into Apple’s world. Visitors are greeted with a large-scale model of Apple Park and can enjoy panoramic views from the terrace. Replicated elements from the main building showcase Apple’s precision detailing, offering a taste of the innovation and craftsmanship at Apple Park.


   4. Intel Museum

As a pioneer since 1968, Intel has driven global progress through breakthroughs in AI, 5G, and the intelligent edge. Silicon Valley’s famed Intel Museum offers interactive learning in a 10,000-square-foot space. Experience the heart of technology innovation with behind-the-scenes tours of silicon chip factories and immersive exhibits. During the visit, you will have a chance to explore new ways to work, learn, play, and communicate through Intel’s transformative technologies.


The picture shows the Intel Museum - one of the places that program participants will have the opportunity to visit.

Intel Museum


   5. Computer History Museum

Delve into the evolution of technology at the Computer History Museum (CHM) during ABC Silicon Valley! As stewards of computing history, CHM showcases innovations that have shaped our world. Explore diverse projects like computer restorations, offering insights into historical hardware and software. Experience original operating conditions of historical machines, enriching understanding and appreciation of technological advancements.


   6. Stanford University 

Always wanted to visit one of the most prestigious and highly respected universities in the world? We got you covered! Founded on a commitment to societal purpose nearly 150 years ago, Stanford University shapes leaders and innovators. Its mission spans education, research, and impactful solutions, fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity. With over 600 organized student groups and diverse residential communities, Stanford nurtures a vibrant intellectual environment. From Nobel Prize winners to undergraduates, the Stanford community is united in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation.



From visits to Apple Park to exclusive tours of Stanford and Plug and Play, ABC Silicon Valley provides an unforgettable journey through the heart of the technology revolution. With applications open until May 31st, don’t miss your chance to participate in this inspiring experience that will enrich your career. Ready to gain insights, skills, and contacts that will help you achieve your professional goals in the dynamic world of technology?