Exactly in the Heart of Bavaria, in the city like no other in the region, Munich Business Academy is located. This unique summer business program is designed for those who want to wear the hats of business consultants and actually take part in solving business challenges which any large organization might face. We have prepared some interesting facts about Munich, which most probably you didn’t know before.

1. By the Monks

If it wasn’t for Monks, the capital of Bavaria wouldn’t be founded, as in the 12th century the Duke of Bavaria allowed monks to start a marketplace, apparently, it was very successful, as it has expanded into a huge city. Actually, not only monks have influenced the formation of the city, which is depicted in its name, München (in German) comes from the word Mönch (monk); but also it became a symbol and is even represented on the city’s coat of arms.

2. BMW’s Hometown

If you are obsessed with cars, you probably know that Munich is the birthplace of one of the most famous car brands in the world – BMW. What you probably didn’t know, the brand has its own museum, how cool is that?! There you can learn about the history of the company, find some retro models; as well as find out about future projects and the development of the automotive industry overall. Really fascinating!
Tip from us: don’t miss a chance to feel yourself in the future and sit in a car, which isn’t yet in the market ;)

BMW museum Munich

3. The Land of Beer

What is the first association which comes to your mind when you hear ‘Munich’? Is it ‘Oktoberfest’ or ‘Beer’? If your answer is ‘yes’, can’t judge, this famous alcoholic drink is strongly embedded in the region’s culture; and no wonder, as only in Munich there are more than 60 beer gardens. Moreover, exactly here the largest beer house in the world is located – Hofbrauhaus – where among many famous visitors were Lenin, Hitler, and Mozart.

celebrating Oktoberfest with beer

4. Morning Sausages

Not for everyone morning = coffee, for Bavarians white pork sausages are an inevitable part of the breakfast. Interestingly, eating ‘Weisswurst’ during other mealtimes is taboo; apparently it has become part of the tradition, as before this dish was freshly made each morning and as it contains no preservatives, couldn’t last long, so had to be eaten straight away.
Of course, nowadays ‘Weisswurst’ can be bought, refrigerated and eaten anytime during the day, however, we wouldn’t suggest that, especially in front of Bavarians, they are quite radical when it comes to their food traditions ;)

5. The Disney Castle

When Walt Disney was with his wife on vacation in Bavaria, he visited the Neuschwanstein – 19th-century castle created by the former King of Bavaria. He was so astonished by the magnificent beauty of the structure, that he put a spin on it and used it in some movies, such as ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Even if you are not a 5-year-old girl, whose idol is Cinderella; this landmark definitely will not leave you indifferent!

Neuschwanstein castle Bavaria

6. Not only Football

Sports enthusiasts associate Munich with football club Bayern, which is the most famous and successful football club in the country. However, hockey is also well-represented here by EHC Red Bull München. For a true Bavarian spirit of unity and excitement, attend one of the games of this team, you will not only see the tears of disappointment and hear the scream of triumph but also you will witness the loyalty of fans and singing of supportive German songs.

7. No Skyscrapers

Definitely, Munich isn’t your typical big city, simply because it does not have skyscrapers. Imagine, they were banned in 2004; any structures above 99 meters are prohibited in Munich. Until today, the highest building remains Frauenkirche, the church which is the symbol of the city.

ABC business academy in Munich

8. Mini Silicon Valley

Talented people are talented in everything’, perhaps this saying can be transformed and related to cities as well. Munich goes way beyond the cultural heritage, rich history, and Oktoberfest, and presents all of us its’ another dimension as a tech and innovation hub. Its ecosystem attracts not only giants, like Google, but also is being home for innovative start-ups like FlixBus.

9. Classical Commuting

Who would else care about the psychological comfort of the commuters, if not the Munich Transport Company? Since the year 2000 classical music has been playing on a continuous loop at two underground stations – Goetheplatz and Odeonsplatz, including Vivaldi and Mozart. Certainly, a unique way for cultural enrichment!

commuting in Munich underground

10. The Rest Day

Although in most countries, Sunday is considered to be ‘sleepy’ day, it definitely goes to another level in Munich; almost all supermarkets, restaurants and shops are closed on this day. Make sure to stack your fridge on Saturday and spend Sunday like true Münchener :)

These are just some of the interesting facts about Munich, as you can imagine, this multidimensional city has tons of things to offer, from rich historical background, exciting landmarks, beer gardens and cultural heritage to the Bavarian business ecosystem, with innovative start-ups which have conquered the world. If you want to know more about Munich, let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and one more fact, our program is happening in Munich every summer, make sure you check the vlog from this year and explore the city by watching!

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for a life-changing experience at MBA; we are looking forward to seeing you in Munich summer school!

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